I'm not to sure on what other people or websites have said about stretching but for me stretching is pretty essential in Acrobatics because the body has to be able to move in ways it might not be able to. To start with stretching the body needs to be warmed up either by running or cycling or any other mean. Stretching goes from the toes up to the head. Ill put some photos of stretch's on here when I get some more time.

I think this one is a Calf stretch not to bothered about names. The idea is this stretch is to keep bother legs straight and to touch the floor with the hands.

This stretch is a A frame, keeping both feet on the ground and hands on floor. Try to lift out through the tail bone to have more of a stretch.

This is a nice stretch for the Back, Arse and Legs. The foot that is bend inwards has to be touching the other leg with flat footed. If you done feel the stretch simply bend forwards.