I started Unicycling 3 years ago, I got my first unicycle for Christmas after me and some friends having ridden one at a little festival. One night from school I went up to a house that was full of unicycles and a man called Roger :P That night I decided to buy a Nimbus 1 to start off with not knowing I would be able to do this amount of Tricks I can do now. It took me I think 3 days to learn it outside on the path. I can still remember getting further and further down the road till I eventually got bored and learnt to turn so I could go up the other side of the road. I soon got the hang of it and decided I wanted to practice tricks so I started going to Durham City Juggler I met back up with the person that Sold me the unicycle and he started teaching all the stuff he knew. I went to my first unimeet where I met Kayleigh\Kaleigh? and Leigh who were a great inspiration to me. I finished going to the Durham club when I decided to move back to my home town. I practiced in the streets their until Unicon 11 came and I went to America. I really enjoyed Unicon because I seemed to learn the most I've ever done in 10 days. I then worked for a year and a half until I went to Circomedia where I did some performance training. I'm still at Circomedia so I cant go on with the time line no more :P